Podcast: Present and future of Vampirism in horror films by Demona Lauren

Vampires have been part of humanity for thousands of years now since John Polidori introduced the modern imagery of the creature. Vampirism has been changing over the decades, following the drastic historical changes. But its essence never decreased. Serving the representation of otherness, sexuality, history, society, afterlife, faith and selfhood, vampirism has probably a brighter future than many other collective notions. What aspects of current and future society are likely to have an impact on the image of the vampire in future films? How will the figure of the vampire adapt to themes of isolation, the absence of truth, the politics of postmodern fear, anxiety and ultratechnology?

Sharing a passion for horror films, the duo Homies of Horror specializes in the study and analysis of cinema not only as a mechanical reproduction of reality but also as a cultural and sociological tool. In their podcasts, they study the narrative forms of dark films, their structure, their role in society and in the writing of personal and collective identities. In this exclusive podcast for Vampyre Magazine, they tackle the question of the present and future of Vampirism in horror films.


(image: the first ever issue of Vampyre Magazine from 1998)

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