Classics Fangs Mask
Classics Fangs Mask

Classics Fangs Mask

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Sabretooth Fang Masks

Sabretooth Fang masks are made after the styles of fangs designed by Father Sebastiaan with artwork by Chad Savage of Sinister Visions.  On the second tooth is the 3rd generation Legacy Ankh design to designate authenticity.


Masks are $16.66 + shipping each available at

$1 for each mask will be donated to ht tp:// anti-cyber bullying charity to help kids and teens who are stuck home during quarantine while schools are online.

Masks are %100 cotton and have a pouch for a filter.

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Thank you so much for the fangs!

They are beautiful and I love them. My gratitude for helping me out...

Thank you!


A Very Satisfied Customer!

The order arrived quickly in good condition. Great Book by Father Sebastiaan and wonderful sharp looking Legacy Ankhs. The Face Mask is Highly detailed and comfortable to wear.

United States

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