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With the annual Endless Night: Los Angeles Vampire Ball “Anti-Valentines Day" at the Globe Theatre, this article is a must!  0 - The Globe Theater is haunted and Historic Opera Hall and home of Endless Night Los Angeles Vampire Ball and Torture Garden events. 740 S Broadway Los Angeles CA 90014.  / 
Angel Halo ~ Black Veil (Los Angeles, CA) Est 1997
The Los Angeles Metro Area is known as “Angel Halo” within the Vampyre Culture of the Legacy and is one of the first to be established and consecrated after Gotham Halo (New York City) in 1996. The name Angel was just a natural and obvious fit for the halo, which is sometimes referred to as the “City of Angels.” With the city’s vast entertainment industry and population of artistic and creative individuals, Angel Halo has become a center of the 21st century Vampyre Culture and community. LA in many ways is a perfect home for those relating to the vampire archetype.
Many events have flourished there over the years, including the Dracula Centennial in July 1997, where the Vampyre Legacy Ankh was presented to Raymond T, McNally, the author of the book, In Search of Dracula.
This book thinly connected the historical Vlad Tepes to the fictional Dracula of gothic literature. Havens like Bar Sinister are legendary, and long-standing gathering points for Vampyres from around the world. Historically one of the most famous Vampyre clubs was the Fang Club hosted by DJ and producer Jack Dean Strauss, which was at the center of the West Coast American VC in the 1990s.
For the Legacy, the LeBrea Tar Pits is a very sacred place, as this where the skeletons and teeth of the namesake of the Sabretooth Clan, Sabretooth Tigers have been recovered. As of the writing of this Black Veil, Anne Rice the “Queen of the Damned” herself, the most prolific vampire writer of the 20th century has made her home within the Angel Halo. Angel Halo is also home to many producers of vampiric entertainment, including the Lost Boys film fandom which has become a part of the American Vampire Mythos. Endless Night Productions has established the Court of Angels: LA Vampyre Salon and Los Angeles Vampire Ball every Presidents Day weekend. Many of the luminaries behind the revival of the highly influential Vampire the Masquerade RPG make their base within Los Angeles.
With the cumulative events, organizations, personalities, and culture being established here, Angel Halo is the obvious Vampire World Capital for the 21st century.
Los Angeles is a perfect vampire city; even though it is in the middle of a desert and the direct sun. It comes alive at night and this night is filled with rockstars, actors, nightlife, celebrities, ghosts, hauntings and legends. Here are my suggestions for any vampire living or visiting the “City of Angels” or should I say the “City of Fallen Angeles.” Here is my personal top guide for those visiting or living within Los Angeles and are lovers of vampires and creatures of the Night. Within the Black Veils Vampyre Culture we call Los Angeles“Angel Halo" for the energy, culture and spirit of the city.
1. Bar Sinister - Is probably the most famous vampire hangout located right in the middle of Hollywood. This club known for live performances, its vampire host Kent Kalibur, Suicide Girl go-gos with fangs, gothic, rock & roll vibe. Bar Sinister is also the sponsoring premiere partner of the Los Angeles Vampire Ball. 1652 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Web:
2. Shrine Clothing - world renowned fashion designer makes the most elegant cloths for the rockstar in us all.   If you are in the LA area we invite you to make an appointment to shop at the Shrine showroom and warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. We take appointments Tuesday – Saturday afternoons. Phone: 213-622-9656 or online at
3. Memento Mori LA - is quickly becoming an LA legend in the oddities scene with a Brick & Mortar Store Created in 2014 by Artists Bradley and Deirdre Hartman located at 1507 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, 90028  
Momento Mori is also hosting the Vendor Bazaar at the 2022 Los Angeles Endless Night Vampire Ball at Bar Sinister on February 19th from 10am-6pm and at the Ball at the Globe Theater on February 20th from 10pm-2am. 
4. The Crooked Path Apothecary - founded by Salvador the High Priest of the Coven of the Darkmoon, dedicated to Hekate.  This stop is a paranormal investigators and dark witch’s paradise.  The building is very haunted and dedicated to the crafte and Sal is loved around the world by the esoteric community.  They have classes and events, rituals and gatherings both invite only and open to the public.  Located at 2020 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506, US
5. The Magic Castle - This is a majestic place if you can get an invite, since it is a private club for magicians and their guests in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Opened in the 1960s, the Magic Castle is not just a performance space; it is the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. Everywhere you turn this is the perfect haven for the vampire sorcerer. This place would make even make Harry Potter jealous, especially you Tremere (if you know what I mean). 7001 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Phone: +1 323-851-3313 Web:
6. Bella Legosi’s Star - On the Hollywood Walk of fame on the South side of the 6300 block of Hollywood Boulevard, you will find the star of Bella Lugosi. Right across from the L. Ron Hubbard Museum. This is a pilgrimage for every vampire fan.
6. Pans Apothika - for those pagan and esoteric vampires this is a well rounded and very well located old school pagan and magical shop. Being a lover of the esoteric and occult I found this stop to be very genuine and a must stop for all your esoteric needs. 1641 N Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028. Phone: (323) 462-7078. Web:
Pans Apothika, formerly known as Panpipes Apothecary in the 90's was originally founded by Fairuza Balk who starred as Nancy Downs in the cult classic movie THE CRAFT. 
7.Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Vampiria's Grave - If you are famous you need to be buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the “cemetery of the Stars.” Founded in 1899, the crypts and graves include more directors, actors, performers, writers and celebrities than any other place in the world. They choose this cemetery because of the famous dead buried here and this adds to their legacies. In the summer the cemetery runs a cinema where you can watch old horror movies within. Located at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, California. Web:\
8. The Counts Den - Immersive live action theater about Vampires located in Downtown LA.  The Count’s Den provides a constant line-up of fantastical and experiential-themed events. 
9. Gothic Bar at Clifton’s Cafeteria is an amazing location for an aperitif or a cocktail with heavy gothic décor and imagery. With a $10 million dollar renovation over 5 years this is not a cheap experience but one which you should soon not forget. Great for dates, dinner parties or coven gatherings. Found at: 648 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014. Web:
11. ISPO FACTO - although outside LA in Fullerton, Ipso Facto is a classic gothic shop from the 1990s and one of the last in the era. They carry steampunk, gothic and alternative clothing for all of your needs. 517 N. Harbor Bl. Fullerton CA. Web:
12. Vampir.Pizza - is a great immersive theatre pizza delivery service with a great box of goodies and a vampire to deliver.  Running in various parts of the year.
13. Dark Delicacies - a one stop shop for all things in horror (including books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, graphic novels, gifts and collectibles) done in a loving and caring atmosphere from owners who are not only experts but lovers of the subject. 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505. Hours: Tues-Fri. 10am-7pm. Sat & Sun 11am to 6pm. Closed Mondays. Phone: 818-556-6660. Web:
Other Notable mentions: the fashion and gothic mail order mecca who doesn't have a retail store.  Yet we need to mention them.Finally there are Notable mentions to the bunisseses including Dearly Departed Tours, Lord of the Fangs, The Stinking Rose garlic restaurant and clubs including Fang Club LA, Coven 13 and Blade Rhino’s Vampire events which are no longer open or active as of the time of this writing. PinupGirl Clothing in Burbank also has some lovely gothic gowns in sizes xs-4xl. HalloweenTown in Burbank is a Halloween Store that is open year round. A must visit for the spooky lovers visiting from out of town. Museum of Death famous around the world, this museum is dedicated to the void in death education in the USA and is a self guided tour lasting an hour.  As of this writing the original location at 6031 Hollywood Blvd. is closed and will is planning on reopening soon.  

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