Black Veils - Master Vampyre Edition

Black Veils - Master Vampyre Edition

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Black Veils “Master Vampyre Edition” is a revised and expanded scholarly guide dedicated to furthering “Vampire Culture.” Written by Master Fangsmith and Endless Night Vampire Ball Impresario Father Sebastiaan for scholars, laymen and vampire fledglings, practitioners and elders.

Indented to inspire and challenge the reader through a collection of words of power from the vampire mythos. Each Veil promote personal evolution and embraces the Vampire Current with some examples including Dragon, Immortality, Primal, Romance, Mystery, Transhumanism, Music, Culture, Glamour, Elegance, Glamour, Elegance, Courtesy, Chivalry, Ritual, Magick and Sensuality.

Originally the Black Veils were the originally ”code of conduct”, traditions and culture of the New York City (Gotham Halo) Vampire Club Long Black Veil “LBV” (1997-2000), they have evolved into one of the greatest influences on Vampire Culture. 

Within the Black Veils Master Vampyre Edition you will find the Book of Day with a forward on the history of LBV by Victor Magnus. Special addition is the Book of Night with an intro to the Left Hand Path by Kaedrich Olson (Runes for Transformation, Weiser 2009) and enticingly written forward by author Rosemary Ellen Guiley (Vampires Among Us). What makes this book unique and a must-read is the fact it was written from over two decades of close interaction of Father Sebastiaan and his fang clients of the Sabretooth Clan and its Legacy.

“The Black Veils makes the Vampire World clear, enticing, romantic and magickal. A must-read for those entering or adepts in the vampire culture!” ~ Patti Negri, Witch of West Hollywood / Ghost Adventures Star

“Black Veils is engaging with its other worldly sensibilities in a unique thought provoking atmosphere.” ~ G Tom Mac , singer / songwriter Cry Little Sister, theme song of Lost Boys

“Father Sebastiaan has gifted the Vampire Culture with this succinct guide to Vampire life with the Black Veils, in all its mystery and power.” ~ Laila Nabulsi, Executive Producer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Father Sebastiaan has been at the center of the Vampire World since he got his first pair of fangs in 1993.  Since then has become Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, traveled the world as a Master Fangsmith, became the world’s leading authority on Vampire Culture and founded the largest vampire family: the Sabretooth Clan.


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