Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs
Sabretooth 3D Fangs

Sabretooth 3D Fangs

Prezzo regolare $200.00



After paying for your fangs. ORDER THIS MOLDING KIT FROM AMAZON, it will speed up the process of delivery.  If possible have your dental care professional make this impression for accuracy and get a VITA color prescription.  The quality of the impression means a better fit. Send to: Father Sebastiaan 7119 W Sunset Blvd Suite 623 Los Angeles, CA 90046


Father Sebastiaan, the world’s most famous fangsmith has had for over two decades of experience making custom made prosthetic fangs for those who live the vampire lifestyle.


About the “New School” 3D Fangs:

  • Fangs color match your teeth
  • ll fangs are made of he highest quality FDA approved dental materials.
  • They are custom fitted that in most cases there is no need for glues or adhesives.
  • They will last 2-3 years with good care, longer if you are careful.
  • Not wise to sleep or eat with them.
  • OK for smoking, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, absinthe and sex.
  • Made from high quality dental acrylics.
  • 25 years of fang making experience and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Great for singing.
  • Feel like your real teeth when being worn.

Styles and Options for Prosthetic "New School" 3D Fangs:

  • Classic Canines (1 pair 2 teeth) - $200
  • Lilith Laterals (1 pair 2 teeth) - $200
  • Lost Boys (2 pairs 4 teeth, long laterals, subtle canines) - $400
  • Brooklyn (2 pairs 4 teeth, long canines, subtle laterals) - $400
  • Sabres (2 pairs 4 teeth, canines and laterals equal length) - $400

NOTICE: Prices do not include molds or shipping and handling


“Telefanging” Mail Order Molding Kit: You can order our online mail order kit for $50 which includes upper and lower dental trays, molding equipment and a “Telefanging” appointment with Father Sebastiaan who will help you make your molds.  Kits and fangs must be paid for at the time of order. Please follow the instructions here: & send a picture to of your mold before sending it back in. Please make sure to mark on your paperwork your selection for color matching according to this chart. 

You will get four tries with the molding kit as the quality of the mold is essential for making proper fangs.  An upper and lower impression and bite registration is required.  This process takes 2-3 weeks usually to complete and a deadline of October 1st to get your impressions in and fangs guaranteed by Halloween.




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