Legacy Ankh 3rd Gen - Pewter Large 3.25 inch

Legacy Ankh 3rd Gen - Pewter Large 3.25 inch

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Original Legacy Ankh designed by D'Drennan. Pewter Mold Originally casted by Alchemy Gothic. Mold Re-produced and currently made by Mythosis Manufacturing. , includes 18" cord with lobster clasp. 

The Legacy Ankh is a special version of the bladed ankh and is the sigilium which represents the virtues, teachings, traditions, culture and philosophy known as the Black Veils.  Some of the Black Veils include virtues like Immortality, Romance, Elegance, Seduction, Apotheosis, Music, Art, Decadance, Nightside, Dayside, Unity, Family, Magick, Dance, Civility, Hospitality, Honor, Diversity, Chivalry, Decadance and Xepher.

In 1996, Master Metal Manipulator D’Drennan was commissioned by Father Sebastiaan to make an exclusive version of a bladed ankh to represent the Black Veils and the Legacy.  Thus was born the Legacy Ankh, the most recognized international symbol in the Vampyre / Vampire Community.

Thus was born the Legacy Ankh, the most recognized international symbol in the Vampyre / Vampire Community.  This precious artifact is proudly worn proudly in public and openly in ceremony by Vampyres/Vampires and Black Swans to symbolize their Legacy and understanding of the Black Veils.

There are three generations in the core design of the Legacy Ankh, the first is the original released in 1997, the second was released in 2005 and the third revealed in September 2019 in Witch City Halo (Salem, Mass).  Since there are so many inspired variations inspired by this design, the Legacy Ankh is legally copyrighted and trademarked in order to protect symbol.  The third Legacy Ankh’s meaning and sacredness is amplified by also being a fundraiser, because part of the sales will be a donated to Suicide Prevention Awareness charities in respect to D’Drennan.

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